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Welcome to the first TWILT of the new year! We’ve got a lot going on this week. We’re kicking off a new semester and registration for our semester retreat is now open!

Schedule: Drop-In hours: Wednesday-Friday 3-5pm
Friday: 8-9pm: Life Teen Holy Hour
Sunday: 11:30AM: Mass: 12:30-2:30pm: Life Teen Kick Off
Wednesday the 12th: 7:30-9pm: “Thy Kingdom Come” Bible Study
January 30th: $170 Covecrest deadline: Price rises to $300 after this date
February 1st: Hard deadline for Steubenville trip: $200 due today!
February 25th-27th: “Fire & Ice” semester retreat

Life Teen Kickoff!: Sunday January 9th: 12:30-2:30pm: “Attitude Check!”
We get our semester off in style! For the next few weeks we’re trying to get as many new teens involved as possible! Each Sunday we’ll have a raffle just for new teens! So be sure to invite all your friends!
If you’ve never experienced Life Teen before, or if its been a while since you’ve joined us, there has never been a better time than now!
We’re introducing our new semester on social justice this week with some fun games, and of course great food! Our teaching this week will focus on God’s desire for each of us to be happy and His desire for us to be in community. What better place to find community than right here, at Life Teen!

“Fire & Ice”: Semester Retreat: February 25th-27th:
We return to the beautiful 4H camp in Monticello for a semester retreat that is sure to energize you and jump-start your life!

This retreat has all the mayhem and madness you have come to expect out of our retreats and a lot more! If you’ve never been on a retreat with us before I’d like to encourage you to come on this one. We’ve got a lot of special things planned for this retreat and you just may be surprised at how happy you’ll be that you came!

It’s not always easy being in High School and sometime life can catch up to you fast. Take a step back, meet some new friends, relax, and get to know God in a way that you’ve never done before. “Fire & Ice” is sure to pump you up and set you on a firm foundation for living life to its fullest!

Cost deadlines:
January 30th: Sign up by this date and the retreat only costs $75
February 23rd: Final deadline: Retreat cost: $100
Permission form can be found under “Resources”

 Camp Covecrest & Steubenville Deadlines FAST approaching
Every summer of our lives are defined by just a few moments or events during that time. Let these trips be those moments!
Check out information about this summer’s Life Teen camp here! We’ll be headed back to Week 2 of Covecrest June 5th-12th. Your time to sign up at an UNBELIEVABLE rate is running out! Check below for deadline information and our “Missions & Pilgrimages” page for all the camp details!
January 30th: $170 deadline
February 27th: $300 deadline
March 27th: $425 deadline

Rooted: Steubenville Mid-America Conference: July 15th-17th: Cost $200
Watch the official conference video here!
We can only accept registrations until February 1st! Don’t miss out!
Get the whole scoop in our “Missions & Pilgrimages” page!

“Thy Kingdom Come” Bible Study: First Wednesday of every month: (January 12th this month!)
Your entire identity as a Catholic- indeed, as a human being- is a direct reflection of the intimacy (or lack of intimacy) in your relationship with Jesus. How well do you know Jesus? What parts of your life do you let Him into and what parts do you try to keep as your own? The answers to these questions will direct your life here on earth and your eternal life.

The whole point of “Thy Kingdom Come” is to introduce you to the very heart of God, in Christ Jesus.

All teens are welcome whether you’ve joined us for Bible Study before or not. Please bring a journal to take notes. Get ready to have questions answered and your faith turned up!

Student Opportunities:
Liturgy Club:
Teens will begin reading, and bringing up the Offertory starting January 2nd. I have asked that the Knights of Columbus to continue to take up the collection, not because I don’t want the teens to do it, but because I think it is a great witness to us all to see these men serve at Mass. Teen gentlemen, you should seriously consider joining the Knights when you turn 18.  Our teens will now bring up the gifts at the end of the collection.

All teens who read or serve Mass this semester will be treated to a free CornBelters game at the end of the year!

If you read this past semester I will assume you would like to do so again. Please contact me right away if you’d prefer to be left off the schedule. If you have not read or served before and would like to, please contact me by December 29th.

Wednesday Night Grace:
We know that you all have some great ideas. And that many of you are looking for ways to get more involved. Well, we’d like to provide you the opportunity to do that! Beginning January 19th we’d like our Wednesday Night Graces to become TEEN RUN!

That’s right! You think of the topic, you come up with the format. It’s completely up to you! Of course we’ll be here to guide you if you need it and we can help with many of the resources. But this is your chance to shine and give back to your fellow teens in a new way!

We’d like to create a schedule of up to a month in advance in order to ensure we have something planned for each Wednesday. To sign up for the January 19th and 26th nights please respond to Jim by December 29th.  The first Wednesday of each month will continue to be Bible Study and we’ll kick that off in the new semester on January 12th.

CORE Mini Retreat:
Its getting close to the time of the year when we give back to our CORE. This year we’re taking one of our Life Teen meetings after Mass and providing them with a mini retreat! I’m looking for a team of teens (3-5) to help me plan this retreat. We’ll need ALL of the teens to chip in and help on the retreat. Let Jim know if you’re interested.

Mass Greeters:
Beginning January 9th we are looking for volunteers to hand out song sheets/bulletins as parishioners come into Mass. Specifically welcoming any teens who come in.

Prayer For Our CORE:
This week we pray for the intentions of Jim

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